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Listen to Papis Camara discuss how using the proper marketing techniques may help a firm grow from a local to a global level. He goes on to discuss the value of the brand proposition and provides a description of Papis4Business.

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Listen to Papis Camara discuss ways to raise the value of a developing or developed business in this episode. He discusses how getting the appropriate guidance, attempting to raise one's profile, boosting sales while cutting costs, developing a strategic strategy, and differentiating out from the competition can all be very beneficial.
Listen to Papis Camara discuss the importance of winning the battle of the brand proposition in this episode. He discusses how it is important for a brand's promise to be clear, compelling, distinctive, relevant to the target audience, and consistent.
Listen to Papis Camara discuss some important elements that will assist one in maintaining the direction of their firm. He discusses how accomplishing one's company goals entails dividing up objectives and successes, delegating responsibility to the team, maintaining flexibility, and embracing controlled chaos.
Listen to Papis Camara discuss the main points of his business in this episode. He goes into further detail about what Papis4Business is and how they provide coaching and mentoring for business concepts as well as assistance with planning the crucial elements of a successful company.

About Papis Camara

Papis is a British, French, and Senegalese citizen. He worked at L’Oréal for 10 years increasing value, and building brands for UK, France, USA, and Africa. Then he was the Managing Director for Glossybox France under THG – one of the world’s largest online beauty retailers. After, he was Brand Director at Yú Parfums, a new DTC startup. Currently, he is the Founder of Papis4Business, an agency which helps enterprises in Digital, Marketing and Strategy. He too is a Lecturer in Marketing and Strategy.


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