Event planning: the art of creating experiences

Ms. Khurana shares her knowledge in planning and executing exquisite Indian events and weddings. She guides the audience on the art of deal-making and how to run profitable enterprises with adequate planning.

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Ms. Amrreeta considers event management to be an art form that necessitates creativity in all aspects, including management, planning, execution, and keeping the client's needs in mind.
In this episode, she explains the planning that goes into the work that needs to be done for the events. The most important aspect of event management is all the planning.
In this episode, she highlights the dynamic nature of events in this episode and how it affects business, changing constantly as new concepts and technologies are introduced.
Amreeta tells us the rich heritage of the event industry in this final episode. How this industry handles strategy and execution while also being a long-lasting one.

About Amrita Khurana

Amrita is the founder, creative director, and principal planner at Royal Elephants Event Co. Her path to event planning hasn’t been a linear one— it began with a supervisor job in a catering company at the age of 18, assisting wedding catering, wove itself through studying Law and attending moot courts while winding into a dream job at Rotary Club creating events and conferences for Rotarians. After moving to Pune, entrepreneurship came calling; she chose to beEVe an event planner and craft beautiful memories for her clients over fighting & pleading in a courtroom.


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