Digital Sports Consumption: Mobile Engagement

Yash Kadakia debuts his podcast with DLC and takes the listeners through the incredibly fascinating world of sports engagement and its ever-evolving digital aspects.

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In this episode, Yash takes the listeners through the world of sales in sports and media and shares his professional insights.
This episode focuses on the process of networking and partnerships you are encouraged to undertake for professional growth.
Learn about the growing sphere of digital marketing as Yash imparts with his professional wisdom on the subject.
Yash concludes with the evolving world of applications surrounding sports and fan engagement and his professional experience of working on one.

About Yash Kadakia

Yash has built his career working for both Indian and Australian SMEs and is currently the Co-founder & Chief Business Officer of WTF Media & WTFSports, an international sports centric media tech platform. His work experience includes sectors of hospitality, F&B and edutech. An avid sports enthusiast, he built a platform to fulfil every individuals’ dream of playing sports and being part of the game, irrespective of their background.


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