Discovering Your Balance in an Ever-Changing World

Dive in with Mr. Kelly Blackmon, as he narrates his journey of being a business consultant to working on “emotional intelligence” of his clients.

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In this episode, Kelly Blackmon takes the listener through the primal needs of humans and how they affect our day to day strive for a better life.
Mr. Blackmon explains the “roadmap” to happiness, the journey that it takes to achieve a level of satisfaction and joy you desire so deeply. He shares his professional experience of dealing with people who could not find what they wanted through work alone.
Learn about the trade-off you will need to manage the intricate balance of your needs. Mr. Blackmon highlights the critical need to be emotionally competent. To face the challenges of everyday life.
This episode focuses on the details of stress, how you can minimize it in your life, and which steps you need to enact when you’re facing it. Mr. Blackmon emphasizes the importance of meaningful relationships in your life.
Mr. Blackmon concludes by stressing the importance of prioritising your needs over your career and making necessary changes in your life that you can look back on without regret.

About Kelly Blackmon

Started his first business over a decade ago. His business consulting firm helped people start their dream businesses and helped struggling businesses grow. These entrepreneurs had achieved “success” but most weren’t happy or fulfilled. This led him to understand the need to coach the whole individual. This is his specialty and mission.


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