Current trends in Global Investment Ecosystem

Dr. Yavuz Silay makes his podcast debut with DLC as he walks the listeners through the current trends in the sphere of global investment. Follow him on this engaging and informative journey and learn about the changing nature of this ecosystem from an industry expert.

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In this episode, Dr. Yavuz instructs the listeners about the growing trend of organisations redefining their existence beyond profit and how these brands tend to be more high growth than others.
Dr. Yavuz explains that companies that are more frequently establishing diversity, equity and inclusivity goals tend to be more high growth than their competitors.
Learn more about the housing market with the rising costs of homes making it impossible for a huge section of the younger generation to own one without hopelessly going in debt.
This episode focuses on the drastic impact of digital media, marketing, and landscape. Dr. Yavuz expands on this rising behemoth and talks about the future possibilities of the same.
Dr. Yavuz concludes by stressing the overriding importance of BRIC: Brazil, Russia, India, and China, the countries currently considered to be the fastest emerging markets.
Dr Yavuz explains the concept of crowdfunding and elaborates on the various types of crowdfunding platforms. Hear him decode crowdfunding and the rising demand for crowdfunding as a source of funding in the world on fundraising.

About Yavuz Selim SILAY MD, MBA

Yavuz is a successful physician entrepreneur & venture architect, Managing Partner of NTR TV broadcasting to 900 Million people across 42 countries. As a successful public figure, managing several Crowdfunding-platforms, Angel-Investors-Network, VC & PE fund. Dr. Silay as an international satellite TV-owner & curating shows as a host at NTR-TV. Co-Founder & Partner of MAIN (MaQasid-Angel-Investors-Network), In Istanbul-Consulting-Group, he conducts new generation government engagement and Corporate Affairs on behalf of many companies in different sectors in Ankara, Brussels and Washington DC.


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