Making Art Affordable: The Way Forward

Manan Relia makes his debut in the world of podcasts as he takes the listener to a wonderfully creative journey into the modern art world. He allows the listener to ponder on the subjects ranging from “how is a value assigned to pieces of art deemed a treasure” and “how can we make it more accessible to the general public”.

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Mr. Manan explains the fascinating and challenging task of putting a value on art pieces, which are notoriously subjective objects. He shares his experience of living in a household where people like M F Husain used to visit.
Learn about the transformative role of tech in exhibition, sales, and accessibility in the world of art. Mr. Manan, a computer science graduate from the USA, recalls his personal journey of revolutionizing his father’s company, Archer.
This episode focuses on two problems: reaching a mass audience for the sale of art and helping young people sell their work. Both the problems are tackled by having functional online art galleries, which help fresh artists with promising careers reach an audience interested in owning them.
Mr. Manan concludes by highlighting the trends in the modern art world and online galleries. He also shares his current ventures dedicated to creating enthusiastic communities that crave art and how he plans to keep it affordable.

About Manan Relia

Manan joined Archer Art Gallery in 2010 and quickly learnt the ropes from his father, Anil Relia. Growing up, he spent time with artists like M F Husain, Bhupen Khakhar, Manu Parekh, Amit Ambalal. A Purdue grad in computer science, he used his expertise to elevate the online art gallery and promote Archer as India’s biggest serigraphy studio and in collaboration with Indian masters.


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