The urge to discover the Real Essence of life

Listen to Anshul Bafna’s insights on spirituality, self-awakening to understand the true essence of life and unrevealing each chapter of their life. Anshul Bafna shares her experience of her journey on a DLC platform. how It’ll help them professionally, if they want to become a successful entrepreneur or lead the business, professionally help someone, or provide aid to the need

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Anshul Bafna’s shares her experience of how she found the true essence in her life? How she got a few questions regarding life at the age of 13. How She sowed the seed of discovery. She gives you the knowledge to find your true purpose in life.
Shades light on Life of how different people see life differently. Gives real-world examples for our understanding. To know our true selves. Gives us the knowledge to question our life to discover ourselves. Shares the process to anchor our being to grow spiritually.
How to be aware of simple stuff in our lives. How to recognize your value system. She helps to understand the Purpose, wants, necessity, desires of our lives. she reveals the secrets of self-awakening & spiritual awakening. She explains how when we start working with the anchor within us will yield much more, how your work will enhance, and we’ll have much more enriched results in daily lives.

About Anshul Bafna

Anshul Bafna aka ModMonk is a renowned business psychologist, personality profiler, and chartered marketer, mind transformer and spiritual coach, a two times TEDx Speaker. She took up Monk-hood in 2016, while she still lives her modern life, as is fondly known as the Modern Monk.


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