Wanton Disruptions: The Sudden Surge of Cryptocurrencies

Erica Stanford guides the members through the contemporary and digital landscape of crypto as she expands upon the industry disruptions, digital assets and other aspects of this soaring currency. 

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Listen to Erica discuss Bitcoin and blockchain in-depth, including how it functions and how the blockchain affects the entire global monetary system. Additionally, Erica shows how cryptocurrency has developed into a form of payment.
Erica explains what digital assets are and how they are transforming the world as a means of exchanging values. She discusses the advantages and disadvantages of such a mode of transaction.
Erica discusses the logic behind why there are tons of this currency and why it is increasing at a frighteningly rapid rate. People first believed that block chains offered an opportunity for discretion and escape evidence of money laundering, but this has altered with the ability to track every bitcoin.
As part of this last episode, Erica discusses the changes in the digital asset and cryptocurrency market. Additionally, she makes predictions for the role of crypto in the future of currencies and how it will affect them.

About Erica Stanford

Erica Stanford is the Founder of the Crypto Curry Club, the UK’s no. 1 rated networking and educational events for crypto, blockchain and FinTech – normally over curry! The events are now also virtual. Erica Stanford is also the Associate Guest Lecturer on crypto at Warwick Business School on cases and applications of crypto and digital currency.


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