Sowing the Seeds of Mental Well-Being

Listen to Sonia Kararha discuss how coaching young people can help them see their career and professional path more clearly. She also discusses the importance of women’s empowerment and the need for it. She goes on to discuss her thoughts on business culture, which she has firsthand experience with.

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Listen to Sonia Kararha, a life coach and mentor, discuss the advantages of helping young people in the correct route. She goes on to discuss how mentoring can assist young people as they go through life transitions such as dealing with difficult circumstances and transitioning into adulthood.
In this episode, Sonia discusses how realising your full potential often necessitates enlisting the help of others. She goes on to say that identifying the inner voice, setting milestones, admitting setbacks, and making conscious attempts are all helpful.
Listen to Sonia Kararha discuss how she works to improve the welfare of women by assisting working mothers in achieving a work-life balance after maternity leave and assisting them in dealing with post-partum life and career crises.
Sonia explains what ReVeRa is all about in this episode. She further talks about how they are concerned about human development, learning, and growth. She goes on to say that they feel that if a person is determined enough, they can achieve their life goals.

About Sonia Kararha

Sonia Kararha is an Executive & Life Coach, Corporate Trainer & Consultant with diversified and vast experience with more than 15 years in the industry. She has been into Designing, Research & Development, Supply Chain & Global Sourcing, Product Planning & Marketing and now to Training, Coaching & Mentoring. She is associated as a Mentor with Lean In & Girl, Up Program A United Nations Foundation Organization. She facilitates businesses growth through her consultancy solutions and helps in deployment of transformation projects while guiding the cross functional teams for achieving the target-oriented goals. She is the Winner of 40Under40 India’s top Wellbeing Influencer Award by BW BUSINESSWORLD’2021.


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