Designing an Experience

Follow David Lessard through the magnificent world of designing and hear him expand upon the ways architecture influences our emotions and well-being.

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David walks us through the world and need of designs with a humancentric approach, and his perspective on the importance of it.
David talks about promoting wellbeing, emotional and otherwise, by architecting a space that allows and cultures the same.
David expands upon the previous theme of curating environments that invoke certain emotions, and having areas dedicated to purposeful spaces.
In this episode, David dives into how lighting impacts design, intensity, color, direction and movement.
David Lessard concludes by expanding on current eco-conscious trends in this industry and emphasizes having an approach dedicated to sustainable transformation.

About David Lessard

David Lessard is a Partner and Design Director at H+A; an architecture and interior design studio specializing in healthcare, hospitality and wellness design. He has held a seat on the AIA Middle East Chapter Board of Directors – remaining active in the wider design community as a design critic, lecturer, conference participant and contributing editor.


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