Finding Happiness where you can: In Pursuit of Peace

Mr. Prashant Mehta makes his debut in the world of podcasting as he takes the listeners through the gleeful world of happiness and the journey you can take towards to improve upon it.

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Mr. Prashant explains the meaning of this highly subjective concept and what he, as a certified happiness coach mean by the word.
Mr. Prashant explains to the listeners about how important it is to discover happiness in little daily activities and how we may build happiness into our lives by using affirmations.
Learn about being mindful and living in the present by looking “within yourself.” Mr. Prashant concludes by giving his professional tips on the ability to maintain a steady “high” and work with the same energy every day.

About Prashant Mehta

Prashant, an HR professional with 20 years of experience in engaging with employees, Coaching, Mentoring & training them to reach their goals. As someone said “It takes Zero to Ninety days to get a job and a lifetime for a Career”, after 20 years here he is with a Career, a certified ACC and Happiness Coach and a Mindfulness trainer.


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