Intellectual Property Rights in Business: All you need to know

Listen to Shivaarti Bajaj, discuss the enormous realm of intellectual property laws, Data privacy and Web3 world and how it has benefited and continues to fit in the new definition of businesses and also benefit business. She goes on to talk about the future of Web3, biotechnology , IPR and Data privacy and the talents needed to launch a company keeping in mind the current aspects of the economy and business.

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In this episode, Shivaarti Bajaj discusses how intellectual property has created value for brands. With Atamnirbhar Bharat's powerful goal, the goodwill of a brand endures. In addition to raising shareholder value, intellectual property helps companies sustain and create long-term income streams. IP (intellectual property) can be used to gain competitive advantage.
Shivaarti Bajaj discusses how intellectual property rights play an important role in modern commerce and ways of doing business. According to her, in today's digital society there is a great possibility of intellectual property being taken without the author's consent. The requirement for intellectual property rights comes into play here.
Shivaarti Bajaj speaks on the future of biotechnology in this episode, claiming biotechnology will offer everyone economic, social, and environmental benefits. She also discusses how new drugs will be developed to treat epidemics and rare diseases, as well as the use of renewable energy for industrial processes.
In this episode, Shivaarti Bajaj discusses the talents needed for a digital start up. As part of a successful marketing strategy, data analysis, a future strategy, and coding, if necessary, all play a key role.

About Shivaarti Bajaj

A leading female entrepreneur in India. She has developed and scaled various digital/ tech startups successfully. She has successfully completed specialisation in “Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies, Business” from Harvard Business School. Being a LLB, she holds an expertise in handling Intellectual Property Rights’ consultancy as well.


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