Tapping Your Happy Side

Sumesh Gopal shares his expertise gathered over a quarter of century in various businesses focusing on curating highly satisfying experiences that bring happiness.

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Sumesh Gopal untangles and explores the idea of contacting your mindful and peaceful side which transforms the way you experience your daily lives.
Sumesh Gopal treats us to the happiness philosophy that has driven him throughout his career and talks about the ideologies that drive our work cultures and how to improve upon them.
With Mr. Gopal’s experience in creating highly personalised and transformative retreats he expands upon mindful journeys for individuals in a safe environment, ensuring you touch your core true inner self and unleash your infinite potential.

About Sumesh Gopal

Sumesh’s Ikigai is to uplift happiness, energy and elevate consciousness through mindbody integrated approach to self-transformation, unravel the ancient wisdom of physical, mental and emotional well-being through the prism of modern positive mind psychology and quantum physics, the first holistic wellbeing resort aligned with the UAE National Wellbeing strategy and UN SDGs of Wellbeing. Has worked with leading brands like WyndhamHotels & Resorts.


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