Intricate Designs: Inspire Creativity in your Home

Keerthi Tummala discusses how design is a kind of art and her experience working with renowned manufacturers throughout the world. She goes on to explain how combining different styles can result in a masterpiece.

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Listen to Keerthi Tummala talk about how she fell in love with decor that is both elegant and versatile in this episode. She goes on to say that designing a setting and bringing it to life is a type of art.
Listen to Keerthi Tummala discuss how cooperating with manufacturers may be quite beneficial. She goes on to say that it enables a product to be studied from many perspectives and designed to perfection. She discusses how open communication, taking responsibility, and respecting diversity can be extremely beneficial.
In this episode, Keerthi talks about the challenges and setbacks she had when launching Sage, how she overcame them, and why it might be challenging for women to launch their own businesses.
Listen to Keerthi Tummala discuss how she created Sage Living Home with her heart and soul. She goes on to say that their aim is to produce something that is more than just furniture, something that gives your home significance and strengthens ties.

About Keerthi Tummala

I find few things more fascinating than simple, beautiful, and well-made design that works well. But it was only after a decade and half of working at leading agencies did I discover my other passion: manufacturing such design. This discovery opened the doors to several more as I began studying the market, like the fact that there was a severe dearth of Indian designers who design as well as supply furniture and decor collections locally. I started Sage Living in 2018 to bridge this profound gap between creativity and commerce. Right from the get-go, the process captured my heart and soul as it drew upon my twin inspirations of design and entrepreneurship and motivated me to create inspired design that inspires in turn. Today, Sage stands tall as a design-first house of decor and furniture that always puts people and service first. I realized I naturally channeled more energy when it comes to design and entrepreneurship. I took a step forward in 2018 to listen to my calling and follow the purpose in my life. “Sage Living “is more than just furniture and home decor. It signifies “Life at home ” human connections and human values. It is an ambition that has my heart and soul.


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