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In this podcast, Nigel takes us on a quick tour of the bustling kitchens of high-end restaurants. He also talks about the hospitality industry’s business sector and how it is evolving in accordance with the times we are living in.

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Nigel walks us into his kitchen at the beginning of the podcast to show us what happens within. Nigel describes the internal world of a successful kitchen at a high-end, exquisite restaurant. He also offers his expertise of managing the kitchen and upholding the brisk pace.
Nigel, a senior in this profession, has extensive understanding of gastronomy, the newest trend in the food industry. He discusses his knowledge of cultures and the science behind gastronomy in this second episode.
In this third episode, Nigel covers the most recent developments in the hospitality industry and how it is expanding thanks to international cuisines. He also addresses if it is appropriate to invest in this industry.
As he finishes up the podcast, Nigel goes into great depth on the hospitality sector. Along with new, emerging cuisines throughout the world, restaurants' ability to be creative has increased. Nigel, who is a specialist in the food sector, discusses the concepts that are being put into action and how investments might result in profits.

About Nigel Lobo

Nigel a local chef born and raise in the UAE, started working in the hospitality industry at the tender age of 17. He is passionate about Modern European cuisine. He oversees the culinary operations for the group’s ten restaurants of different cuisines, which currently include brands like The Tap House, Asia Tang, Soy, Royal Orchid, Curry culture, Chhappan Bhog and ROHG Events. Has launched his website (www.nigeljlobo.com) recently.


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