Understanding different ways of creating a self sustained enterprise model

Payal Nath guides the members through this intricately woven podcast into the sphere of craft clusters and building self-sustaining businesses.

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The podcast begins with an overview of what craft clusters are and the contribution self-sustaining companies make to the fight against poverty. Through carefully constructed clusters, underprivileged communities are empowered, and a better, more equitable future is built.
The second episode of Raw Materials for Handmade Products and Existing Skill Sets and Traditional Knowledge for New Product Designs by Payal delves further into these topics. She also highlights the results needed used to create traditional crafts.
It's equally crucial to understand what the market needs in handcrafted goods as it is to produce them. In this episode, Payal discusses the present market and the criteria that go along with it. She also discusses creating pricing models and attending workshops to improve one's skills.
As she wraps off the podcast, Payal discusses the need of long-term training in areas like as product design and development, project and time management, quality assurance, financial accounting, and taxation.

About Payal Nath

Payal Nath leads Kadam & Kadam Haat as Co-Founder for the past 14 years creating livelihood sustainability through crafts. Payal won the ‘Women of Worth award’ in 2019 recognising her efforts.


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