Performance coaching: transforming the learning process

Mr. Mithilesh Chudgar guides the members on the importance of maintaining good mental health and how it benefits people from all walks of life. He discusses how he mentors entrepreneurs, athletes, students, and professionals in a variety of ways.

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Mr. Mithilesh uses his approaches and expertise in the mind-brain system to discuss the fundamentals of how to discipline our overworked minds.
In this episode, Mr. Mithilesh outlines the common features among businesspeople, academicians, and athletes and how they can acquire physical, mental, and spiritual fitness to perform better in their respective industries.
Mr. Mithilesh's learning concept of Readography is defined in this episode. He explains his field of competence as combining Bhagwat Gita and Yogic Philosophy knowledge with Neuroscience and other sciences in such a way that the knowledge is incredibly beneficial and delivers the desired outcomes.
Mr. Mithilesh discusses his many performance coaching techniques and how he coaches various industrialists to reach their optimum performance in this episode. Rather than spending time preparing, he concentrates on training others on how to execute.

About Mithilesh Chudgar

A mentor with the National School of Leadership, Mithilesh has mastered the science of how the Mind-Brain mechanism can be used as an advantage. As an inventor of “Readography” and founder of “Neuro-Structuring”, his specialization is to blend the knowledge from the Bhagwat Gita and the Yogic Philosophy with Neuro-science, Cognitive psychology, and NLP in a manner to bring about the desired results.


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