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Social Impact
Launched on 15 Dec 2021

Launch of Social Impact Community in the presence of Maya Jaber - Founder & CEO M3D Consulting, LLC, Jerome Ringo - Global Ambassador, UN Climate Clock, Mario Diel - CEO & Founder, Ikar Industries LLP, Kavita Sanghvi - Principal, Chatrabhuj Narsee Memorial School, Alison Anandi Francis - Author, Consultant Sleep Mastery Limited, Elin Mai - Founder & CEO, Style Doctors Limited, Smita Tharoor - Founder & Co-Founder Tharoor Associates & Cultureytics and many more


Pune Chapter
Launched on 10 Nov 2021

Launch of Pune Chapter in the presence of our Guest of Honour, Amitabh Gupta IPS, Commissioner of Police, Pune and Vikram Kumar IRS, Principal Commissioner of Income Tax, Pune


Indore Chapter
Launched on 26 Oct 2021

Launch of our DLC Indore Chapter in the presence of our Guest of Honour, Lt. Gen. Raymond D. Naronha, Indian Army (Retd.), Neville Gaunt, Co-authored the book "Can you Handle The Truth"


Global Chapter
Launched on 25 Oct 2021

Launch of our DLC Global Chapter in the presence of our Chief Guest - Mario Diel, Chairman & Founder, IKAR Holdings and Prakash Hinduja, Chairman of Hinduja Group, Europe


Kolkata Chapter
Launched on 21 Oct 2021

Launch of Kolkata Chapter in the presence of our Guest of Honour, Harsh Vardhan Patodia - Chairman & Managing Director, Unimark Group, he launched our official Kolkata Chapter video. Vivian Lines - CEO Lines Consulting Ltd, Sylvie Davidson - Principal Partner, YourBoard welcomed all the members from Kolkata. Deepak Pareek - Co-Founder, Career Keeda, launched Instagram handle for Kolkata Chapter, Ayon Banerjee - Commercial Director- Apac, GE Renewable Energy and many more spoke during the event.


Event Committee
Launched on 20 Oct 2021

Launch of Events Committee in the presence of our Guest of Honour, Jennifer Gilbert, Founding Advisory Board Member, Forbes Impact Summit, officially launched Committee Video.


ITES Committee
Launched on 16 Oct 2021

Launch of ITES Committee in the presence of our Chief Guest, Nakul Aggarwal, Co-Founder & CTO, BrowserStack


Hospitality & Travel Committee
Launched on 13 Oct 2021

Launch of Hospitality & Travel Committee in the presence of our Guest of Honour, Chef Alan Coxon - President of the Chef Jury, International Taste Institute. He launched our Committee video. Amruda Nair - Founder & Member, Board of Directors, Araiya Hotels & Resorts launched Committee LinkedIn Handle. In presence of Chef Cyrus Todiwala - British Television Celebrity Chef & Restauranteur, Hans Lagerweij - President & CEO, Albatros Travel, Cafe Spice Namaste, Harpal Singh Sokhi - Director, Turban Tadka Hospitality Pvt Ltd and more.


Fashion Committee
Launched on 12 Oct 2021

Launch of Fashion Committee in the presence of our Chief Guest, Fern Mallis, Creator of New York Fashion Week. She officially launched Committee Video. Officially launched Committee LinkedIn handle by Roger Sels, Leads, BlackBerry Solution. Guest of Honour who graced the event are Masoom Minawala, Listed as 20 Under 40 by CNN. She officially launched committee Instagram handle.


Risk & Crisis Management Committee
Launched on 11 Oct 2021

Lunch of Risk & Crisis Management Committee in the presence of our Guest of Honour, David Schwartz - Attorney, Gertsman Schwartz LLP, he launched Risk and Crisis Committee video, Samarah Kazmi - Senior Advisory Industry Consultant - SAS, launched Committee LinkedIn handle.


Security & Cyber Security Committee
Launched on 8 Oct 2021

Launch of Security & Cyber Security Committee in the presence of our Guest of Honour, Kerry Singleton, MD - Cyber Security, CISCO. He officially launched Committee Video. Officially launched Committee LinkedIn handle by Roger Sels, Leads, BlackBerry Solution. Other Guest of Honour who graced the event are Hemen Vimadalal, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor and Board Chairman, Dr. Muktesh Chander, IPS, Special Commissioner of Police, New Delhi, Alice Namuli Blazevic, Partner - Head of Technology Katende, Ssempebwa & Co. Advocates,


Strategy & Execution Committee
Launched on 6 Oct 2021

Launch of Strategy & Execution Committee in the presence of our Guest of Honour, Tony Selimi, #Best Selling Author of "The Unfakeable Code", officially launched Committee LinkedIn handle.


ESG Committee
Launched on 4 Oct 2021

Launch of ESG Committee in the presence of our Guest of Honour and Committee Chair Shailesh Haribakthi, Chairman & Director, Baker Tilly DHC, L&T Finance, officially launched Committee Video. Our Guest of Honour, Jerome Ringo, Global Ambassador, Climate Clock, supported by UN General Assembly, officially launched Committee LinkedIn handle, our next Guest of Honour, Mario Diel, CEO & Founder, Ikar Industries LLP,


New York Chapter
Launched on 22 Sept 2021

Launch of our DLC New York Chapter in the presence of our Chief Guest - Jerome Ringo, Global Ambassador – UN Climate Clock and Guest of Honour Shiv Kemka, serves on the President's Leadership Council at Brown University, Rodrigo Gracia, Deputy State Treasurer Illinois, State Treasury and Ronald Diamond, Advisory Board, Stanford University.


Health & Wellness Committee
Launched on 21 Sept 2021

Launch of Health and Wellness Committee in the presence of our Chief Guest and Committee Chair, Zen KOH - Co-Founder & Deputy Group CEO, Fourier Intelligence, David Katz - Founder and CEO, Diet ID & Founder & President - True Health Initiative and Chair of Yoga Certification Committee, Ma Hansaji Yogendra - Indian Yoga Guru, Author, Researcher and TV Personality Our Guest of Honour, Mickey Mehta, recipient of 'Health and Wellness Icon' -The Economic Times, Farhana Vohra, Business Strategist and Wellness Coach & Blogger, Anandi Francis, known as 'The Sleep Guru', Amin Elkholy - COO Modus Capital


Happiness Committee
Launched on 16 Sept 2021

Launch of Happiness Committee in the Presence of David Meltzer - Author, Co- Founder, Sports 1 Marketing. He officially launched Committee LinkedIn Handle. Launched Committee Video during the event. In the presence of Guest of Honor, Vivek Bhargava - Co-founder, Profitwheel, Parthip Thygarajan - President-Cofounder & CEO, Weddingsutra.com.


HR Committee
Launched on 15 Sept 2021

Launch of HR Committee in the presence of our Guest of Honour, Abigail Wilmore, Chief People Officer, Stella McCartney at LVHM. He officially launched Committee Video. Officially launched Committee LinkedIn handle by K.C. Chayapa, ICF President for the Bangkok Chapter 2019.


Marketing & Digital, PR Committee
Launched on 14 Sept 2021

Launch of Marketing & Digital, PR Committee in the presence of our Chief Guest, Sam Balsara, Chairman, Madison World, our Guest of Honour, Rohit Gupta, President, Sony Entertainment Television. Committee video was officially launched at the event. Lara Balsara, Executive Director, Madison World launched Committee LinkedIn handle.

Date: 14-Sep-2021


Leadership & Transformation Committee
Launched on 11 Sept 2021

Launch of Leadership & Transformation Committee in the presence of our Guest of Honour, Steve Rodgers, Former CEO Warren Buffet Company and Arthur Carmazzi, Chief Awesomeness Officer, Directive Communication International


Visual Arts Committee
Launched on 4 Sep 2021

Launch of Visual Arts Committee in the presence of our Guest of Honour, Emanuele Dascanio, IBEX Master, officially launched Committee Video. Dorothy Di Stefano - Global Thought Leader, Founder, Molten Immersive Art launched Visual Arts LinkedIn handle.


CSR & Philanthropy Committee
Launched on 3 Sep 2021

Launch of Global CSR & Philanthropy Committee in the presence of Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee, widely acclaimed as the Father of CSR in India along with men and women of eminence across 15 DLC Chapters


Wines, Spirits & Cigars Committee
Launched on 24 Aug 2021

Launch of Wines, Spirits & Cigars Committee in the presence of Francois Chartier - President, Chartier World LAB - Barcelona / Tokyo / Montreal who is also Chair of the committee, launched the Committee and Committee video & LinkedIn handle.


Delhi Chapter
Launched on 4 Aug 2021

Launch of our DLC Delhi Chapter in the presence of Our Chief Guest, Dr. Shashi Tharoor - Lok Sabha MP and Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee Our Guest of Honour Suhel Seth - MD, COUNSELAGE INDIA PVT LTD


Bengaluru Chapter
Launched on 30 July 2021

Launch of our DLC Bengaluru Chapter - India's Unicorn Capital, with blessings from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar, Founder of the Art and in the presence of our Chief Guest, Nakul Aggarwal, Co-Founder & CTO, BrowserStack Our Guest of Honour, Richard Pattle, Co-Founder, CEO, True Beacon and Praveen Sood, Director General of Police (Karnataka) Joined by leaders from across 26 Business and Lifestyle Committees


Della Leaders Club
Launched on 12 June 2021

Soft Launch of Della Leaders Club in the presence of our Chief Guests, Shri Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport & Highways & the Minister of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Govt. of India. He officially launched Della Leaders Club and portal www.dellaleaders.com. Shri Aaditya Thackeray Minister of Tourism and Environment, Govt. Maharashtra India launched DLC Twitter handle. Boman Rustom Irani - Chairman & MD Rustomjee & VP Credai, launched DLC Instagram Handle, YouTube Handle and LinkedIn Handle. In presence of Steve Rodgers - CEO, The Alchemy Advisors, David Schwartz - Attorney, Gerstman Schwartz LLP, Thomas Heatherwick - Founder, Heatherwick Studios, Nakul Aggarwal - Co-Founder BrowserStack, Neville M. Dumasia - India Leader - Advanced Manufacturing, Mobility & Infrastructure, EY. Joined by eminent men and women from across the World.

Dr. Thomas Tang

Unlocking ESG as a key to Sustainable Business

Dr. Thomas Tang brings into light key facets of Environmental, Social & Governance(ESG) and how they can be utilized in a wide range of industry sectors. He also throws light on the role of technology as an enabler towards a more sustainable world, to create resilient and smart sustainable cities, communities, and businesses. He brings intriguing insights on how governments across the globe need to roll down mandates to reduce carbon emissions from the obvious sources mostly being factories, buildings, machinery, and vehicles for a better sustainable tomorrow.

Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee

Purpose driven Philanthropy- renewed focus on Art of Giving in the pandemic era

The workshop brings key insights on issues of social and sustainable development, corporate responsibility, and human resources. Bhaskar Chatterjee brings his domain expertise to inculcate social change theories going down at every level of society, ranging from the corporate environments, industries, businesses, to schools and colleges guiding every individual of the society to practice the art of giving and helping the poor and needy, especially after the lessons learned during global crises like covid 19 pandemic.

Nitin Mantri

Preempting Crisis- a sustainable solution to crisis management

The workshop gives an overview of how to steer through organisational barriers to influence actively in an ethical and systematic way. It enables developing CEOs their successors and Board Executives to develop the mind-set and skills enabling them to understand the issues of strategic importance.The workshop is ideal for people who want to make a difference inspite of beureaucracic barriers, that exist in every organisation, while they learn how to influence their superiors strategically yet ethically!

Jehangir Mehra

Gluten-Free - Chef Table for you

Next Iron Chef Finalist Jehangir Mehta gives an interesting insight on what is Gluten and what is the need to create delicious gluten-free menus, while he also creates awareness of the occurrence of celiac diseases caused due to gluten consumption. The executive chef teaches easy-to-learn gluten-free dishes including pizzas, pasta, salads, and vegetarian delights or drinks with key ingredients, flavors, and textures that bring the perfect crunch, embedded with essential nutrients.He gives an insight on which gluten foods can be created in different continents or regions across the world for different age groups, catering to a global audience.

Osman Abdul Razak

Experts Guide to Menswear

Known for his effortless menswear styling, Osman Abdul Razak gets you to peep into his workshop while he designs fine fabrics with exceptional cuts and skilled craftsmanship, made to elevate every man’s sartorial experience!

Raj Kapoor

Creating Localized Community into beautiful Tokenized Economy.

Mr. Raj Kapoor is a mastermind in raising awareness about the concept of blockchain and blockchain technology how it can help organizations, entrepreneurs, and professionals to work harmoniously and in unison for the benefit of individual and collective business development. This Workshop brings in key insights on how blockchains have transformed many aspects of India's financial, social, and governance systems in ways that make them more decentralized, open, and equitable. He also gives insights into the world of cryptocurrency, usage, implications distribution, and consumption of goods and services that have been tokenized.


DLC Meat Alternatives Program

DLC Meat Alternatives Program Meat production is a huge contributor to Climate Change. Emissions from livestock, especially cows, make up nearly 15 percent of global Greenhouse Gases. And cattle ranching in the Amazon is wiping out huge parts of the rainforest. This must stop. Impact Collaborator: True Health Initiative Community: Food Security Cause: Consume Sustainable Alternatives A. Panel Discussion Join the live panel discussion of environmental experts, chefs and beef farmers on the devastation in the Amazon Rainforest. Date & Time: April 18th - April 24th 2022 Venue: Online


DLC Women Entrepreneurship Program

Sustainable Growth for Women Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion 2022 is a global event organised by Madhya Pradesh Association of Women Entrepreneurs (MAWE). Date: 24th, 25th & 26th of March, 2022 at Bhopal, India. SWEEP is an event, where you would explore many new opportunities for International & Domestic trade, make new networks with multi-country delegations, corporates, Financial & Export institutions and add immense value to your business and to yourself as an individual. It is a three-day event that has: International Symposium & workshops and B2Bs International Exhibition to display and sell products and services of the delegates International Achievement Awards accompanied by a themed fashion show or a cultural event


DLC E-Waste Management Program

DLC is partnering with EcoReco with a vision to engage at a global level to help bring out the best practices for E-waste management and shed light on the importance of processing e-waste responsibly. The purpose of the community is to engage in programs that spread awareness on the importance of policy implementation, technology requirement and social awareness to arrive at a sustainable and circular economy in the field of e-waste management. In addition, we will partner with stakeholders in our communities to also implement actionable programs to collect and recycle e-waste in an environment friendly manner.


DLC Entrepreneurship for EWS Program

Chefs Sans Frontieres has been created for the purpose of raising funds for small artisanal food producers and farmers that have lost livelihoods and business caused by uncontrollable trauma and natural disasters. DLC is partnering with CSF to create Chef Ambassadors in every country around the world to assist with the distribution and co-ordination of all items of support and ensure we retain cultural producers for the benefit of not only our own generation but that of future generations to come.


DLC Cyber Harassment Prevention Program

DLC in partnership with CyberBaap will be creating a curriculum to prevent children from cyber harassment. Spearheaded by Nirali Bhatia, this program will be replicated in schools and various organizations with teachers, parents and children.


DLC Specially-abled Inclusion Program

This program is ideated to create hiring practices for organisations to become more inclusive in their hiring practices by acknowledging and adopting the potential of specially abled persons in their organisations. This program is conducted in partnership with Rangam.