Owning your Virtual Estate in the Metaverse

Vatsal explains what the term metaverse means and how digital currencies are becoming popular amongst investors. He explains why he wants to disrupt the real estate market and allow consumers to venture out into the world of metaverse and his own startup that he wants to start.

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Vatsal discusses the metaverse, the concept underlying the digital world, and how he intends to put the concept into action to make it a reality. He also discusses the various verticals in the metaverse that are rapidly expanding and how he intends to make the most of the available options.
Vatsal discusses his decentralised platform, i.e. Recasa, which will lower the obstacles to entry for metaverse investors while also increasing liquidity. He is aiming to bring digital real estate to life and to provide people with worldwide investment and commercial options.
It will be difficult to explain the concept of metaverse to consumers in this world of rapidly evolving technology. He explains how one’s portfolio can be diversified using augmented intelligence and expanding one’s profitability by investing in metaverse real estate.
Mr. Gaur discusses his plans for the future of his startup "Recasa" and how he hopes to grow both the company and its technology. The goal is to create an online world as good as reality, with different digital currencies and digital currency options. Mr. Gaur also explains why owning a property in the metaverse is just like owning a real property in the real world.

About Vatsal Gaur

Vatsal Gaur is a seasoned corporate and VC lawyer, and is the founder of Recasa. Recasa is building a REIT for the metaverse, that aims to democratise access to ownership of metaverse assets through NFT ownership on the Recasa platform


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