Thriving in a Culture of Innovation

Shõan Shinde makes his debut in the world of podcasts as he guides the listeners through the intricate sphere of design thinking, innovation in the market, and the changing nature of the modern economy.

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Shoan introduces the episode by talking about design thinking and client-centered approaches to solving design problems. Shoan talks about how a significant portion of his business involves leadership and management.
In this episode, Shoan covers his area of expertise, branding for businesses. Additionally, he discusses the consumer's perception and how to maintain it so that it is beneficial for each individual business.
Shoan starts the episode by addressing approaches for tackling the issues of branding and advertising faced by organisations today. He discusses digital marketing and current market tactics in addition to classic marketing techniques.
The market boom for technology has also resulted in greater investment in green technology research and development. People are increasingly aware that renewable energy is the way of the future for technology. Companies want to reduce global warming and stop their reliance on fossil fuels; thus, Shoan discusses the desire for green technology in this episode.
In the final episode, Shoan explores the future of the digital economy. He also discusses the tools necessary for thriving in these new environments.

About Shoan Shinde

With 17+ years of experience in marketing, branding, and demand generation, Shoan has a track record of scaling SaaS start-ups especially from from their 0-to-1 growth journeys,, transforming businesses and brands, and building and leading high-performing teams. An alumnus of the Indian School of Business (ISB) Hyderabad, he brings to the table an experience across industries and markets globall,y including his own creative agency and a family enterprise. Wired as a coach, he regularly engages in pro-bono stints as a visiting faculty for several institutes, teaching marketing and design thinking.


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