The History of Drinks: You and Mead

Nitin Vishwas guides the listeners through the intoxicating history of alcohol and the relationship man has had with it. Follow him on this engaging journey as he narrates the amusing tales going back centuries with a gentle focus on meads

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Nitin walks us through the process of producing mead and the reason why people need to shift their preference to mead. He talks about the complex relationship between homo-sapiens and fermented beverages.
Nitin talks about the fascinating ways alcoholic drinks have made their way into mainstream cultures and all the creative manners it was conceived and manufactured.
In this episode, Mr Vishwa dives into the origin, types, and nature of meads as he talks about running a meadery.
Mr. Vishwa concludes by imparting tips and a recipe for brewing your own alcoholic beverage at home for a fun experiment, with a cautious warning against being careless with the details.

About Nitin Vishwas

Asia’s first meadery. A graduate from the Indian School of Business, Nitin has experience cutting across Healthcare, Foods, Manufacturing and Infrastructure sectors. After completing his engineering from the National Institute of Engineering, Nitin worked with Larsen & Toubro, McKinsey and Abbott Healthcare to head their Strategy team, to finally quit it all to start-up in 2018.


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