The Contemporary World of Craft: Future of Creative Arts

Ramanjit Kaur, founder director of The Creative Arts, makes her debut in the realm of podcasts as she guides the listeners through the graceful world of contemporary music and art. Follow her along as she expands upon the forward moving world of creation and expression.

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Understanding the current status of theatre in the world of OTT Platforms is what she focuses on in this episode. Hear her talk about the customer reach with respect to theatre vs one’s comfort zone when it comes to entertainment within four walls.
Creating awareness about the various types of theatres that exists. Hear her decode the genres of theatre and the experiences attached to each of them.
Ramanjit focuses on why one needs to experience the feeling of live audience with energy spanning within the room and into each role played by the artists. She talks about the essence of theatre and unravels the beauty that lies within this domain.
Ramanjit talks about the nitty-gritty of sustainability within the spear of theatre. She focuses on the ways the artists can sensitize issues around sustainability and address serious matters regarding the environment in creative ways.
Ramanjit dives into the understanding of the role of women in the world of art, she goes back to time and personifies instances of her life as she talks about stories revolving around discrimination with respect to sex, colour, race and cast.

About Ramanjit Kaur

Ramanjit is an International Award-winning Theatre and Film Actor and Director. She is the Founder Director of The Creative Arts, the prestigious Arts Academy in Kolkata. Ramanjit is a graduate in Music, Dance, Fine Arts and Literature, and a Gold Medalist in master’s in music (Inst.). Apart from training in Theatre under her guru Neelam Mansingh, she has also trained at UK, France and Italy.


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