The Art of Happiness: Feel Better, Live More

Hear Henna Sharma talk on how developing meaningful relationships and adopting a positive mindset may change one’s outlook on life. She also touches on the value of meditation in character development.

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Chief Happiness Officer Henna Sharma highlights that finding happiness outside of oneself is not the solution and that happiness is a choice. Finding happiness within ourselves makes us happier because it gives us a sense of contentment.
Henna Sharma shares a lovely description of how disruptions occur constantly all around us. The only thing to keep in mind in certain circumstances is to prioritise our needs over everyone else's, and to love ourselves. To become calm, we must face our fears and avoid self-doubt.
Henna Sharma describes how the most effective mental workout for resetting one's happiness set point is meditation, which rewires key areas of the brain to make you happier overall.
In this final episode, Henna Sharma describes the tenets of Hope and Happiness Coach. She continues by saying that they offer individual coaching, group coaching, influencing workshops, and more to bring happiness and smiles to everyone. She continues by describing how they were able to spread joy around the planet.

About Henna Sharma

Henna, an ACC life Coach from International Coach Federation with her specialization in Happiness, has been featured in multiple publications, and has been a recipient of prestigious “Global Happiness Leader” and “Mentor of Excellence” awards. She is also a “Global Goodwill Ambassador” for her active involvement in various social and charitable causes. Her expertise lies in building deep connections and bringing out positive change.


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