The Happiest Workplace is a Hop Away: What Sets Happy Companies Apart.

Follow Irene Becker as she talks about the delightful sphere of happiness and well-being at the workplace. Hear her talk about the appropriate attitude you will need to create the ideal culture.

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Hear Irene talk about how leaders should change their perspectives about leadership styles. She focuses on how one needs to change their relationship with change and the need for leaders to inspire.
Irene elaborates on various modes of communication and the need to adapt a constructive feedback mechanism for building a healthy and sustainable work environment
Policies form the core of an organisation, hence making it an important aspect of an organisation’s memorandum. Hear her talk about the key policies needed to be implemented for building an effective workplace.
Irene talks about, “why anxiety is the talk of the town”. Hear her talk about why one needs to address their anxiety and the need to build a strong coping mechanism in an organisation for a productive environment.

About Irene Becker

Irene Becker is an executive coach and speaker who helps clients achieve breakthrough results in the face of volatility, uncertainty, change, and ambiguity; outcomes that drive improved well-being, leadership, communication, collaboration, adaptability, and resiliency at the speed of change. Former first woman CEO of a steel wire company she is an EQ/EI and 3Q pioneer whose heartfelt dedication and insight have helped thousands of people build better tomorrows.


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