Sculpting a Spectacle: Beauty Simplified

Dr. Aparna Santhanam guides the members through the glowing sphere of beauty, health, and wellness and encourages them to manoeuvre through life pursuing beauty inside and out. She helps the listeners understand the concept and various aspects of beauty and individual needs.

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Dr. Aparna answers the question “what is beauty?” and “how inner beauty differs from it?”
Dr. Aparna elaborates on the concept of measuring beauty and understanding symmetry, tones and structure.
Dr. Aparna explains the pressure most people feel towards looking youthful and the perception of age in our society.
Dr. Aparna concludes by imparting her professional wisdom on wellness routines and habits for flawless skin as she instils a basic understanding of dermatology into the listeners.

About Dr. Aparna Santhanam

Dr. Aparna Santhanam (MD, DNB) is a multi-faceted professional. She is a well known dermatologist, hair and wellness expert, strategic consultant, and best-selling writer who also works in the field of social development. Apart from consulting in her own private practice, she was instrumental in establishing medical systems and creating new services at Kaya Skin clinics, India’s largest chain of cosmetic Dermatology clinics.


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