Soul School
The larger aim of Searchlight Life is to move an individual – The world comprises individuals who are diverse in thought and temperament. For a holistic betterment of society, the optimum potential in each needs to be tapped. The first step in achieving this sate of utopia, requires every person to know oneself, be mindful and resilient. Only then can each aspire to achieve their life goals while maintaining a work-life balance. It is this need of our present times, that drives Anshul Bafna to share her experiences as a trainer and reach out to the people seeking improvement in life. By our small contribution in this vast ocean, we hope to transform each participant, to become a MOD-MONK. Personal development is the focus of Searchlight. We constantly seek new ways to deliver the best trainings that can improve the efficiency and performance of individuals at a personal level. Using Psychometric Personality Analysis, we design and deliver speaker sessions and workshops that benefit the participants in more than one aspect of life. Over time, Searchlight has created touchpoints in Human Resource Development, Marketing, Soft Skill Training, Spirituality, Mindfulness Training, NLP trainings, Meditation Techniques, Soul Healing, Corporate Brand Development, Conflict Management, Behavioral Consulting etc. Searchlight Life strives to make workshops not only lively and engaging but also to ensure a definite value addition to the participants.