The ESG Committee aims to deliver dedicated business knowledge, policies and their impact across Environment, Social and Governance. Through DLC, our members can incorporate ESG with cutting edge knowledge-based investment decision/s. The Committee serves the purpose to project the potential for growth in an organization, analyzing the benefits when assessing both the societal impact and the sustainability of an investment, thus leading to a more holistic ESG integration that lowers the investment risks for a sustainable future.


The Global Committee is further divided into sub-committees to streamline the extensive and in-depth knowledge in this space for our members. This unique knowledge is offered in an easy-to-consume manner on the various DLC Formats


The Environmental sub-committee in the ESG domain aims to deliver dedicated business knowledge curated by our Global experts to enable members to appreciate stewardship of nature, inter alia, by a company’s energy use, waste, pollution, natural resource conservation, and treatment of animals. This will help members to evaluate and review any environmental compliance issues their company might face and consider potential environmental liabilities and obligations to work towards a sustainable cause.


The Social sub-committee in the ESG domain aims to deliver dedicated business knowledge from Global experts to adhere to socially acceptable practices within a broader, diverse society. These shared best practices can help a company manage its relationships with its workforce, the community within which it operates, and with emergent social trends and policies that bear impact on a corporation. These social aspect of sustainable ESG investing can translate into improved business performance and better relationships with customers & local communities, thus increasing profits in a sustainable, responsible manner.


The Governance committee in the ESG domain aims to use the strength of this unique global platform that uniting global experts from different jurisdictions, to share and learn from best practices in the area of ethical governance, compliance with applicable laws, legislation and policies as they relate to the way in which a company defines its purpose and abides by codes of ethical conduct and practice in the attainment of its goals and mission. Filtered and carefully curated knowledge will help members to make effective decisions, comply with the law, and meet the needs of their internal and external stakeholders.

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    Carbon footprint, blockchains and how investors are increasingly inclined towards companies which revere ESG criteria. Come, meet like-minded individuals to discuss higher level processes which boost the Sustainability Index, enrich future generations and provide organisations with a competitive advantage. Our tie-ups with ESG Consultants and Consulting Firms have resulted in curated offerings such as sophisticated methodology for Operational Reliability and Security Programs.


    DLC has created 54 Social Impact Communities which work as independent ecosystem. Members across the chapters can join and participate in any of the socitial impact causes where his/her heart resonates.

    DLC aims to be a catylist and drive individuals life to a significance. All the Knowledge content pieces are highly curated with Expertise of Global Domain Thought Leaders and meant for daily operational application as management’s prespective.

    A paid member are welcome to share their views and experiences on the DLC platform.

    YouTurn is a signature DLC event that is hosted live, once a year.

    Yes! The member are allow to suggests social causes to the committee.

    There is a physical office set up in every city where DLC is currently present. DLC also offers provides both – digital as well as physical offering. They are as follows:
    1) Committee Meetings- Virtual.
    2) Chapter Meetings- Physical- YouTurn Events and Global Summit.

    Mix of eminent Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Young Leaders from your city who are eligible and chosen ones to be the Honorary Members will be a part of your city.
    Yes, DLC will arrange virtual and physical meetings between the community members.

    No other Business Club shares real experiences of Day-to-Day Business Management and unique Lifestyle experiences of Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Young Leaders on a single platform. The DLC Knowledge platform features first-hand Domain expertise of over 2000 men and women of eminence neatly packaged in easy-to-watch, easy-to-listen Formats that Team DLC produces, edits and promotes after conception, consultation and coordination with DLC Global Committees on the basis of a Blueprint.
    DLC Knowledge is the confluence of two clearly-defined streams – Business & Lifestyle. Based on the Blueprint chalked out by Team DLC, Content on the DLC Knowledge Platform is created in sync with DLC Global Committees. While every DLC Global Business Committee contributes filtered, ready-to-apply knowledge in all aspects of Business Management, DLC Global Lifestyle Committees focus on Lifestyle products, services and experiences from the consumption, indulgence and experiential standpoint.