Sustaining an Urgency Fast Decision Making for the Long Run

Leadership & Transformation Committee | Hong Kong Chapter

Importance of sustaining an urgency in work culture and construct fast decision making for the long run. How to tackle the intractable concerns in organizations for the long run. Such as trade barriers, immigration rules and sometimes arbitrary regulations and many more. She shares the covid era experience, how businesses laid waste to their traditional models and processes and did so in days instead of weeks or months or years. Understanding the global business environment before and after covid. Making a positive difference in people’s lives. how it requires leaders to face the personal and professional challenges that employees and their loved one's experience during a crisis. Understanding how exploring behaviours and accompanying mindsets can help leaders in fast decision making for the long run.

About the Speaker

Angela Lee
Founder & Director, Executive Coach Human Capital & Leadership Consultant, Inspirational Speaker & Facilitator
A. L. Consulting

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