Testimonial on DLC & Jimmy Mistry

Anil Roongta very rightly points out in his member story that a rudderless ship without a destination will always stumble along its journey while a meaningful vision with proper execution will always show results. He talks about DLC being a vision much like that under the stewardship of Founder and CEO Jimmy Mistry and hopes for the DLC Surat Chapter to thrive much like the city of Surat itself

Exclusive KAANJJ Collections

KAANJJ is the ultimate brand for the cosmopolitan, global citizen who loves clothing and accessories crafted in an authentic, original way by skilled designers. KAANJJ epitomises ageless adornments that make a bold and beautiful statement about the elegance of their wearer. At KAANJJ, we have a heritage-rooted approach to collecting clothing from South Asian designers that are globally versatile. We have fused the East and West, functional and festive, elegant and ageless in the collection.