What is Forum?

DLC Forum is a 360-degree support platform for Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Young Leaders, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve. Your Forum will comprise 6-10 DLC Members* that meet once a month in a safe and non-judgemental environment allowing you to dive deep, both personally and professionally.

Why join a Forum?

DLC Forum is your chance to connect with a select group of like-minded business owners and professionals that can support you, based on their own experiences. DLC Forums provides a platform where the intricate junctions of your business, personal life, and community engagement can all be addressed head-on, allowing you to be successful in all your pursuits. Also, the benefits of Forums extend not just for you but also your entire family including spouse/partner and young adult children.


For members with a global reach to benefit from business practices, culture and personal experiences of members from other countries.

  • - Monthly meetings held online.

  • - Annual mandatory in-person Forum Retreat

Offers the perfect balance for those members who wish to gain a broader perspective and experience share with Formats beyond their chapter city but would wish to be more locally connected and grounded to members within their region.

  • - Monthly meetings held online.

  • - However, owning to the closer proximity, formats might find it beneficial to hold more in-person Forum Meetings.

  • - Annual mandatory in-person Forum Retreat

For those who prefer the intimacy of a monthly physical meeting, chapter forums are an ideal option.

  • - Monthly in-person meetings offer a chance to build deeper connections

  • - Annual mandatory in-person Forum Retreat

We feel elated in stating that process of forum formation has started within the DLC GLobal Community.
Would you be interested in joining a Chapter, Regional or Global Forum?

*DLC ensures that your Forum is a good fit for you, both in size and industry.