Both Salil Chaturvedi and Zaheer Khan are forum veterans each having spent more than a decade both within and moderating forums for EO, YPO, and now DLC. It was absolutely eye-opening to hear them talk not just about how a Forum is a game changer in their lives but also about why they strongly believe that they are quite literally significant influencers in some of the best professional and personal decisions that they have made in their lives. The panel discussion was ably moderated by DLC Founder and CEO Jimmy Mistry who probed both our guest speakers to spill the beans on how greatly they had both been impacted by the presence of a forum in their personal, social and professional lives.

About the Speaker

Salil Chaturvedi

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Jimmy Mistry
Founder & CEO
Della Leaders Club
Mumbai Chapter

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Zaheer Khan
Group CEO
De-RisQ Group of Companies
Mumbai Chapter

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