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Leadership & Transformation


The School of Manners Dubai

Andreea Stefanescu is a Modern Etiquette Coach and Cultural Awareness Specialist. Through her workshops, speaking engagements, and blog, she provides expert etiquette advice for successfully and confidently navigating modern life situations for the 21st century.. from upscale dinners and chic pool parties, to business meetings and everyday social occasions around the world. Her approach to etiquette is unique in that she has expertly updated traditional etiquette advice to apply specifically to today's contemporary society. Is not about the rules but about the relationships. Etiquette has great routes in who we are as people from our body language, to our different brain plasticity to our language and culture. Her mantra is “you get what you put out there into the world so make sure you always put the best version of yourself” Andreea graduated with an MBA in International Hospitality and Customer Service Industries from Glion Institute of Higher Education in 2016. She completed her etiquette training and education at the Institut Villa Pierrefeu Finishing School in Glion, Switzerland where she has undergone the most extensive and complete program in culture, etiquette, art of conversation, service, hostessing, home management, leadership, deportment, art of dining( French, British, American, Continental and cultural variations) and much for over two months after which she received a High Diploma in International Etiquette and Protocol. She is also internationally certified as an Etiquette and Protocol Consultant from two of the biggest leading training institutions in the field: The Protocol school of Washington and The English manner in London where she was privately mentored as a trainer by leading etiquette expert William Hanson, former BBC Presenter Diana Mather, Emma Dupont and she was mentored by the former steward of the Queen, Mr Paul Milverton. She received an Etiquette Consultant Certificate from IAP Career College and is currently a freelance trainer part of the PWC Academy in Dubai. Andreea brings to her extensive years of education and international certifications, over 10 years of experience in silver service where she worked alongside Royal Families, heads of state and VIP guests while having traveled to over 89 countries worldwide. Culture, service and etiquette is something that has to be experienced and of that she has had plenty of experience in her 10 years of traveling around the world.

1. Curated workshop for a group of 1 to 10 members
2. Corporate or individual training session for below topics
-Femininity in leadership
-Leading across cultures
-Overcoming the impostor syndrome in leadership
-Behaviour that dictates our values and creates our culture


Mike Flache London

Optimize the ROI of Your Digital Growth

An Exclusive Video Chat for DLC Members across the globe.

▪ 75% of digital growth initiatives fall short of their ROI targets

▪ In your 1-on-1 video chat, you will receive instant feedback tailored to your unique situation

▪ New impulses for decision-makers to scale their B2B business more profitably in the digital world

▪ An answer to a single question
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▪ Recurring live chats

Every year Mike Flache is available for a select number of engagements around the world.

Suneeta Kanga Mumbai

1. Power Dressing – Business Attire and Style Management:

· Current trends in Indian and international business dressing.

· Appropriate attire for conferences, formal and informal business meetings.

· The art of dressing with taste.

Target To enhance the Corporate and Social Image through dressing – how you look and feel will greatly determine how you succeed in the marketplace.


2. Crafting Brand YOU – Personal Branding:

One of the best ways to articulate your skills, experience, knowledge, and overall worth in today’s competitive world is to create a personal brand that helps you stand out in the crowd.

Target- Learn the habits you should adopt to market yourself while building a more powerful personal brand. We share tips on how through an organized approach you can effectively be the sole brand ambassador for your personal brand.


3. The Global Ambassador – Cross Cultural Sensitivity and International Business Etiquette.

· Importance of international manners and etiquette

· Historical/Geographical background of target culture

· Customs and traditions

· Perceptions, stereotypes and expectations of target culture

· Country specific information on the do’s and don’ts of business etiquette.

· Faux pas and other situations

Target – Understanding the uniqueness of cultures around the world and how to apply the skills of cultural understanding to become more successful in the global business environment.


4. Gravitas and Charismatic Leadership Presence:

Executive presence is a blending of temperament, competencies, and skills that, when combined, send all the right signals. Leaders know they must embody executive presence to get ahead, influence others, and drive results.

Target – This module will help corporate leaders increase their personal presence. The program builds the skill of gravitas and encourages each participant on a virtuous journey of improving their presence continuously and to understand the importance of creating a positive impact. Our coaches build on strengths and identify opportunities for you to unleash your personal power and to lead with confidence.

Metamorphosis Unlimited Pune

  1. Exclusive rates for DLC members on a case-to-case basis subject to product offerings.

   2. Special discount for executive coaches wanting to be certified by John Mattone Incorporated, coach to Late Steve Jobs. Special rates to become registered as empaneled coaches with ILCI across India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. F

 3. 20% on the book, Build to Outperform written by Mr. Ajay Bakshi.