Welcome to a fiesta of knowledge, recreation and entertainment all under one roof at DLC’s YouTurn Events. Unlike any other event, YouTurn events are by and for Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Young Leaders from across the world, are an amalgamation of immersive learning, never seen before entertainment and exquisite culinary experiences.

Exclusive themes shall define every event making each one unique and distinctive. Three such events shall be hosted by DLC each year in every DLC Chapter, and preset themes that will not be repeated in the entire year at any YouTurn fiesta. With DLC’s objective to bring leaders and experts from their respective domains on a common platform to nurture learning and knowledge-sharing, YouTurn events offer that space to forge lifelong transformative relationships with global change-makers and innovators.

So, indulge, learn, share and enjoy an enriching and inspiring experience at DLC’s YouTurn events.


Bespoke theme

Bespoke theme-based events

Business events mixed with entertainment are popular among entrepreneurs and professionals.However, there are very few theme-based events by and for professionals, entrepreneurs and young leaders that blend business and DLC talks with recreation, for the participants and their families. DLC curates and hosts exclusive theme-based YouTurn Events that offer unique sessions and entertainment for attendees.

A well-curated experience

YouTurn events are preset theme-based events with exclusive and distinctive themes hosted by each DLC Chapter three times a year. These well-curated events will be an amalgamation of professional learning, recreation and entertainment. Each event will have knowledge sessions followed by a curated lifestyle exhibition. Since everything is pre-decided, the talks, exhibitions, the entertainment, themes shall not be repeated for the whole year. Leaders from the Business and Lifestyle domains will share their professional knowledge, personal journeys and exclusive insights at YouTurn event.

A well-curated experience
Global Transformative Community

Global Transformative Community

The events would be unique as they are designed to bring together the global business community on one single platform to share their experiences, build solutions and create a positive impact on the world. There will be three YouTurn events held each year for each Chapter where the business community would meet, discuss ideas and interact with each other while having a good time along with their families.

Why should you attend YouTurn Events?

Theme-based and unique, YouTurn events are well-crafted and bespoke experiences for our members and their families to build priceless relationships through an eclectic blend of knowledge sharing and entertainment avenues at exotic venues.

YouTurn Festival 2021

YouTurn Festival 1

  • BFSI (Banking, Financial Services & Insurance)
  • Leadership & Transformation
  • Strategy & Execution
  • Happiness
  • Health & Wellness
  • Visual Art
  • Design
  • Decor

YouTurn Festival 2

  • CSR & Philanthropy
  • ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance
  • Risk & Crisis Management
  • HR
  • Fashion
  • Beauty, Skin & Fragrance
  • Jewellery & Watches
  • Real Estate

YouTurn Festival 3

  • SCM
  • Innovation & Design Thinking
  • Marketing,Digital & PR
  • ITES (Technology)
  • Security & Cyber Security
  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Wines, Spirits & Cigar
  • Automobiles & Charters
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Events

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DLC’s YouTurn events are designed to encourage and forge lifelong relationships with intellectuals. The aim is to do this in an environment where knowledge is shared amidst exotic culinary fests, exquisite luxury exhibitions and out-of-this-world entertainment.

DLC’s YouTurn events are a fiesta like no other with themes that will not be repeated for the entire year. Hence, entertainment, food, exhibits, and knowledge sessions shall not be repeated in any Chapter.

All HCMs, paid members and their families can attend this half day event to be held at a plush venue.

Any HCM or paid member who wishes to have exhibition space at the YouTurn event will have to pay for it.

The knowledge sessions at the events will be short interesting and educative nuggets on selected topics by esteemed speakers and guests

The exhibitions at YouTurn events would consist of cutting-edge display by luxury brands from across the world revolving around the theme of each event.

The themes would be well-curated and carefully-chosen by team DLC to make the experience of the attendees extraordinary and memorable.

World-class entertainment in music, dance, would be a part of YouTurn events along with a bespoke culinary experience and exclusive brand exibits from the world’s best.

All YouTurn Events will be held at plush venues with ultimate luxury to keep the guests comfortable.

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