OPERATION: CIGARS FOR WARRIORS and C.A.T.S. (cigar Aficionados Trades and Sales)
Op: Cigars For Warriors: The Non Profit Org, 501c3 Filed Military Charity. Our mission is simple we send cigars to our Troops in war zones and Long Term Deployments OCONUS, etc. Our Impact is Great! We are proud to state we have sent out over 200k Premium Cigars, tons of great accesseries, literature and entertainment for our deployed troops. We have many military chaplains and field Psychologist whom request cigars so they can use them as tools to create dialogue with the troops. The stories we recieve from our recipients, have been extremely uplifting, to know what we sent originally as a meager thank you for their continuing service, has turned into and extreme impact on the troops morale and overall psyche. Many have come home and requested immediately to become volunteers for Op:CFW, because of the immense impact we have created. Something so little and fairly inexpensive having such a huge impact, and the best way of giving our troops a piece of home. They are 100% requested, by U.S. Deployed Servicemembers, and sent in a first come first serve basis, this is EXTREMELY important in how we operate. Being ran by many active, reserve, Guard, Former and Retired Military, we have created a very well organized, 100% volunteer charity program. Instituted checks and balance in every single aspect and positions of CFW, With immense amount redundancies in place to make sure every single donation is accounted for and used for the purpose it was donated for, either for raffles to raise funds for our average $5k-6k monthly shipping costs, or to be sent directly to the deployed Men and Women whom have requested them.