Al Huzaifa Furniture
At Al Huzaifa, it’s always been about observing global trends and cherry-picking styles that resonate with discerning homemakers across the UAE’s unique spectrum of cultures. This perspective defines their evolution and the furniture experience we bring our customers. Like with fashion, music, or any aspect of contemporary culture, you could actually look back at our offering at any point in time and get an instant sense of what was current. With a wealth of insight into materials and methods, comes the expertise to craft a Bespoke look, right down to custom-designed curtains and wallpapers that emerge as an art form. Deep manufacturing skills make it possible to deliver the Al Huzaifa experience at scale for elite hospitality projects and exclusive residences. With over square feet of premium showroom space and half a million square feet of warehousing, the Al Huzaifa brand represents a passionate commitment to advancing the state of the art.