OKS – Orthodox Kosher Services - unifies Rabbis from various disciplines that deal with Kashrut throughout their Rabbinic career. We specialize in the koshering process and certification of factories, dairy farms, abattoirs, bakeries etc. We also have extensive experience in industrial kitchens, hotels, restaurants, cruise ships & catering companies. The Va'ad consists of Rabbis that are all ordained by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and have experience in the food and culinary industry in Israel and around the world, we bring our years of expertise of kosher certification & supervision. Our certification can offer the highest level of kashrut with 'Mehadrin' level of supervision to factories, dairy farms or abattoirs. The industrial kitchens under our supervision can cater for 'Bishul Israel' according to Beit Yosef and meet the highest standard of vegetable & legume checking. We offer a full time Rav Hamachshirs and 'Mashgichim Temidim'.