Now Comms Asia
Now Comms Asia discovers, creates and activates for companies throughout Asia. Just like yours. We discover your potential market and measure their propensity to purchase now. Using Customer Acquisition Analytics from the broadest available data sources in Asia we establish who, where and importantly when buyers are looking for your solutions. Separating the needles from the haystack to better focus your marketing spend and amplify your high touch sales. We create intent by designing and implementing thought-provoking campaigns. With awarded programs combining thought leadership, social platforms, live event and targeted communications we ensure the multiple touchpoints required to encourage customers to consider their needs and look to you for solutions. And we activate that buyer intent to close sales for you. Our precisely managed shopper marketing services, effective sales enablement programs and highly acclaimed internal comms frees you to focus on the marketing and sales efforts across all channels are prepared and utilised to the fullest extent.