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Company Overview

DLC is the World’s 1st Business Platform, Occupying a significant niche with no Direct rival. It is already taking shape, with 2500+ Committee Members, 15 Chapters and 5 offices in place.

Backed by the Della Group and personally driven by Jimmy Mistry, who has two decades of experience as an entrepreneur, designer and developer, with a legacy of Ideating, setting up and still successfully operating 6 other businesses.

Why Invest Now?

Distinct 'white space' opportunity

A ground-breaking solution to a growing need — the world's first comprehensive business platform, with first-mover advantage.

Big Market

A lucrative market — leaders today are ready to pay significantly even for management & networking clubs which offer much less than DLC.

Experienced Team

An experienced, capable team with global, cross-disciplinary experince and a record of executing high-profile projects.

Scalable Business Model

Expanded from 0 to 2,500+ Members, and more to follow with 15 new chapters being added every 6 months.

Impact Investing Opportunity

Encouraging leaders to pursue social impact, an imperative that is being increasingly encouraged and rewarded by stakeholders.

DLC billboard at Times Square, New York 18th June 2021

DLC billboard @ Times Square, New York 18th June 2021

Investor News


15 chapters- June 2021
City Country
New York USA
London UK
Dubai UAE
Hong Kong China
Singapore Singapore
Bangkok Thailand
Mumbai India
Delhi India
Bengaluru India
Hyderabad India
Chennai India
Kolkata India
Pune India
Ahmedabad India
Indore India
Phase 1
30 chapters- June 2022
City Country
Los Angeles USA
Chicago USA
San Francisco USA
Washington, DC USA
Houston USA
Boston USA
Sydney Australia
Milan Italy
Rome Italy
Paris France
Nagpur India
Baroda India
Jaipur India
Chandigarh India
Amritsar India
Phase 2
45 chapters- Dec 2022
City Country
Toronto Canada
Dallas USA
Philadelphia USA
Miami USA
Seattle USA
Atlanta USA
Johannesburg South Africa
Birmingham UK
Melbourne Australia
Seoul South Korea
Lucknow India
Ludhiana India
Surat India
Kochi India
Goa India
Phase 3
60 chapters- June 2023
City Country
Vancouver Canada
Zürich Switzerland
Amsterdam Netherlands
Vienna Austria
Doha Qatar
Auckland New Zealand
Tel Aviv Israel
Manila Philipines
Jakarta Indonesia
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Visakhapatnam India
Thiruvananthapuram India
Noida India
Nashik India
Coimbatore India
Phase 4
75 chapters- Dec 2023
City Country
Shanghai China
Guangzhou China
São Paulo Brazil
Brussels Belgium
Copenhagen Denmark
Tokyo Japan
Riyadh Saudi
Kuwait City Kuwait
Beirut Lebanon
Colombo Sri Lanka
Faridabad India
Raipur India
Dheradun India
Jamshedpur India
Kanpur India
Phase 5
90 chapters- June 2024
City Country
Moscow Russia
Frankfurt Germany
Barcelona Spain
Montreal Canada
Buenos Aires Argentina
Madrid Spain
Athens Greece
Dublin Ireland
Stockholm Sweden
Helsinki Finland
Nairobi Kenya
Muscat Oman
Istanbul Turkey
Dhaka Bangaladesh
Bhopal India
Phase 6
105 chapters- Dec 2024
City Country
Minneapolis USA
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Bolognia Italy
Lisbon Portugal
Monte carlo Monaco
Antwerp Belgium
Cologne Germany
Rotterdam Netherlands
Bologna Italy
Edinburgh UK
Cape Town South Africa
Cairo Egypt
Lagos State Nigeria
Manama Bahrain
Baccu Azerbaijan
Phase 7
120 chapters- June 2025
City Country
San Diego USA
Schenzen China
Phoenix USA
Las Vegas USA
Denver USA
Santiago Chile
Saint Petersburg Russia
Glasgow UK
Warsaw Poland
Budapest Hungary
Prague Czech Republic
Brisbane Australia
Christchurch New Zealand
Port Louis Mauritus
Beijing China
Phase 8


120 Chapter Cities

in the next 5 years.


There are platforms for everything in life but not a single common gobal platform for entrepreneurs, professionals and young leaders for their day-today business & lifestyle needs

-Jimmy Mistry

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