Nitin Mantri

President | International Communications Consultancy Organisation
Risk & Crisis Management Committee


About the Workshop


- Nitin introduces himself, while he connects the audiences with his topic “Preempting Crisis-A sustainable solution to Crisis Management”

- He shares the key risk management concepts and how to identify risk factors

- He draws attention towards the uncertainties Covid-19 brought with it, powered by the lessons we learned over the last two years.

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- He draws attention to how private organizations, corporates, and governments from across the globe applied risk management principles.

- He highlights how the knowledge of risk management has helped to foresee the second and third wave of Covid-19 to prevent more people from its aftermath, key challenges, and breakthroughs

- He highlights in reference to the media how fake news and wrong communication can mislead people and society creating havoc during crisis situations.

- He shares the Importance of Risk Management for Corporates and Business organizations, to stay responsible to their clients, employees, and stakeholders

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- Nitin highlights the application of risk management strategies for the implementation of public health measures such as isolation, quarantine, and border control helped to contain the spread of infectious diseases and maintain the structure of the society.

- He shares interesting case studies from NGOs, corporate, industries, and individuals (Incorporate graphics, videos, and pics).

- Nitin showcase's his Risk Management initiatives how he has helped the organization to identify risk factors and take actions in time, helping them preempt crisis.

- He concludes with the need of the hour to understand key facets of crisis and risk management, to prevent crisis situations from occurring.

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