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The purpose of the DLC Global CSR & Philanthropy Committee is to promote ‘Art of Giving’ and create original content critical for organisations, family offices and individuals to stay future ready. Our empaneled CSR Consultants will be available to guide our members effectively and provide ready to use 'tricks of the trade'. DLC will also empanel filtered NGOs and Foundations so that our members can have the best in class choice of their Philanthropy pursuits. In the pursuit of being future ready, the committee not only have its own content dissemination calendar but will maintain its ‘Top 10s’ as part of trend mapping as well as participate in thought leadership platforms including its own global events.

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As a DLC member you will benefit through future fit knowledge from domain experts in the CSR & Philanthropy Committee.

Glad to, we have brand collaborations with CSR Consultants, please check out the solution to you requirements on our committee page on the DLC website.

We have 47 empanelled NGOs, Foundations & Trusts, please visit the DLC website to make your choice and contact us.

Please send us an e-mail (Committee e-mail id) with the topic and IP that interests you. We will get in touch with you immidiately.

Yes, while the IPs are primarily for our members on the DLC platform, we will be uploading them on our U Tube page in three months for non members to benefit from DLC Knowledge IPs.