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The ENOEXPERIENCES of Vinyes Domènech highlight the botanical biodiversity of their vineyards and the surrounding forests. A unique, different proposal that can only be enjoyed in a privileged natural environment where nature is the source and end of emotions. You will feel how the landscape captivates you and transports you in an honest way to understand the wine culture of our land and its people.

Curated offers for DLC Members

Vinyes Domènech Winery - Capçanes, Tarragona, SpainMadrid, Spain

A FAMILY COMMITTED TO THE LAND-It was founded in 2002 by the Domènech family, with the goal of preserving and improving the natural heritage of the estate by creating a wine-making project that embodies the landscape and biodiversity of the environment, maintaining its unique ecosystem. In 2015, as a result of dedicated work, Teixar was recognized as “Vi de Finca” (Gran Cru, Single Vineyard Wine) by Incavi and D.O. Montsant. This recognition is granted to single-estate wines of international prestige that comply with demanding protocols of quality and traceability

1. Eno-Gastro-Botanical experience -VIP Personal Tour of the Vineyard for DLC members only, along with a personal Brand Ambassador

2. Special old vintage of the Grand cru wine can be only sourced at the Winery itself  shipped to DLC members

3. A gift hamper for DLC Members with limited edition bottles or Vintage bottles, Souvieners

4. Limited Edition / Rare wines, which are not yet in market, we can list them with Pre Book option for chapters in Dubai, London, New York, Hong Kong and Bangkok

5. Customise and Personalized gifting opportunities. Wherein a person can book order – Names and personally signed by the Winemaker