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The Author, Poet, Philosopher, the Brand, the Institution, the Legendary – DR. MICKEY MEHTA who gets you Energised, Naturalised, Optimised, Maximised, Wellness Revolutionised, and gets you MICKEYMIZED !! Dr. Mickey Mehta, global leading holistic health guru has completed 51 years of yoga and a span of 40 years of professional run.

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Reverse your UniverseMumbai

Ageing as we understand is a normal process but we also understand with our ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga and the modern science of epigenetic and neuroplasticity, that ageing is something which can be stalled and reversed with conscious behaviour which means nutrition, cosmic/natural nutrition, yoga, meditation, breath management, pranayama, psychotherapy, rest, goodnight sleep all put together can make us younger again. Get Naturalized ... Get Mickeymized !!!

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