Touch Human Lives

Entrepreneurship & Economic Management

DLC Social Impact believes in Entrepreneurship that empowers every business leader to rise from a life of success to a life of significance. Committed to innovative initiatives and mobilising resources for them, Entrepreneurship believes in out-of-the-box thinking to tackle complex social issues. Nurturing and guiding businesses towards positive social change, DLC Social Impact believes in mentoring the next generation of business leaders to create a healthier, more just and equitable world.

Diversity & Inclusion

Creativity and innovation come from diversity of thought and inclusion of perspectives. To create an inclusive culture where differences are recognized, valued and celebrated is the primary goal of this DLC Social Impact Community. They work on the premise that when people of diverse backgrounds, sexual orientations, special abilities, experiences and perspectives come together, a stronger society emerges – better-equipped to fight for the world we want to see – where people rise to their potential and become part of decisions that affect their lives.

Interorganizational Forums


Whether it’s in education, at work or for access to financial resources, the DLC Social Impact Community believes in creating a just world where women and girls have the same rights as men and boys. BCG data shows that if women and men around the world participated equally as entrepreneurs, the global GDP could ultimately rise by approximately 3-6% - boosting the global economy by $2.5-5 trillion. To tap into this latent power, the DLC Social Impact Community works with NGOs committed to the cause of Equality

Women & Child Welfare

Everywhere in the world women and girls face discrimination and exploitation in several aspects of their lives. Their race, disability, sexuality or class leads to further disempowerment. Working with NGOs to ensure women’s priorities are at the centre of international policies and programmes, the DLC Social Impact Community holds its strong belief that women must have control on decisions that affect their lives. This includes quality education, health & hygiene, decent jobs, a political voice and freedom from all forms of violence.

Health & Rehabilitation

Good health is a pathway to education and economic prosperity. It strengthens human societies and helps markets grow. The DLC Social Impact Community stands committed to improve the quality of lives and alleviate human suffering. From dealing with mental health issues at the workplace to life-threatening diseases like Cancer to de-addiction from substance abuse, the Community accelerates health equity so that everyone thrives through partnerships forged with public institutions, grassroot groups and NGOs.


Financial literacy has a profound impact on people and their ability to provide for their future. Through training campaigns, events and meet-up activities, several NGOs are involved in spreading awareness and knowledge of Government schemes for insurance, investment, housing, employment etc. besides the basics of savings, spending and management of financial resources. The DLC Social Impact Community partners with them to promote financial literacy - the pathway to inclusivity. As change-makers of financial literacy, the larger goal is to create local leaders and influencers who will build problem-solving abilities.


The disastrous impact of the COVID crisis on world economies has put many people out of jobs. Many companies have down-sized operations leading to retrenchment. In this scenario, the DLC Social Impact Community has rallied forth to bring employment opportunities to those who need it the most. The Community also offers vocational training and internships to prepare the youth for the job market of the future.

Food Security

Even as economies grow and thrive, there are vulnerable sections of society who struggle for basic needs like food. The DLC Social Impact Community supports and collaborates with NGOs conducting safety net programmes that provide nourishment. The Community also focuses on avoiding wastage and damage of natural resources in its effort to promote sustainability.

Art & Culture

As income of artisans come under severe strain due to dying demand for their products, the DLC Social Impact Community is committed to promoting their craft and reviving their art. From corporate donors to connecting artisan groups with businesses that require unique corporate merchandise, the Community works towards maximizing sales and creating a sustainable market for products made by these local artisans.

Cyber Safety

While technology has opened several vistas for ready information, connectivity and entertainment, it has also brought on the spectre of human trafficking, bullying, dissemination of fake news, ransomware to disrupt businesses, cyber-theft and the like. These pose a real and present danger to all - though children, adolescents and women are most targeted. The DLC Social Impact Community spreads awareness and works closely with partner organisations to build capacities to fight all kinds of cyber crime.

Partnerships for the Cause (Partnerships accelerator)

The DLC Social Community provides strategic support to all organisations committed to Social Change. With its immense pool of Business and Management talent spanning the world in diverse fields like Technology, Finance, Marketing, Communications & PR, the Community offers a ready set of tools and resources for NGOs working across the social, environmental and humanitarian landscape. The Community empowers NGOs with their knowledge and expertise to build future-fortified NGOs that can take on complex operational challenges.

Heal The Planet

Environment & Sustainability

Impact Investment is a thriving and exciting industry powered by investors who are determined to make social and environmental impact along with financial returns. This community is a powerhouse of people who see money as tool that reflects their values and what they believe in the world. Join to receive and share tools, guidance and integrate impact considerations in your investment strategies.

Climate Action

In alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Global DLC Social Impact Community stands committed to Climate Action. We promote environment -friendly, socially just and sustainable models of growth. This includes awareness and use of Green Hydrogen, promoting Green Manufacturing and achieving the goal of zero carbon emissions. To mitigate the impact of natural disasters, the Community also works towards better preparedness and rescue-rehabilitation as part of its Disaster Management programmes

Land and Sea Preservation

The DLC Social Impact Community envisions a world where wildlife thrives in healthy lands and seas – part of societies that not only value their existence, but embrace and benefit from the diversity and integrity they bring to life on earth. The focus is to save wildlife and wild places through science, conservation action, education and by inspiring people to treasure the bounty of nature. At the same time, the Community promotes and encourages all activity that nurtures animal welfare extending to the protection and care of domesticated animals