In India, over 70 Million people are under-banked and under-served as well. Of this, over 130 Million people have housing and transport requirements; over 130 Million people have medical requirements; over 32 Million people have education requirements. Pages and pages can be written about other requirements. The aspirations are plenty, the means of fulfillment are unfortunately very limited. That’s why, we, at OpenTap decided to do something about it. OpenTap was seeded with an audacious dream of bringing these individuals into mainstream and giving impetus to the inclusivity dream. Be it inclusivity in education, access to technology / medical help, changed lifestyles or then simply, inclusivity in everyday scenarios. It is a growth stage AltFin company working towards financial empowerment of the salaried, under-served Indian population. Through our services we are bridging gaps in the current banking system and weaning people away from expensive credit options. Consequently, we have become an alternate source of finance with fairly competitive interest rates. OpenTap today has touched the lives of over 1200 individuals through a loan book size of over 3.5 Cr. We are working along with lender partners to achieve a 100 Cr loan book that will help us touch the lives of 40000+ individuals through unsecured loans to begin with. In the months to come, we will introduce affordable housing loans, two-wheeler loans and other financial services; and will eventually become the one-stop-shop for all their financial needs. We will not rest until we know for sure that these individuals (and or their families) are well and truly on their way to becoming a part of the mainstream society. And we will not rest until we’ve given it our all towards building a better Tomorrow, together.