Codomo is a Singapore-based education technology company with a mission to deliver delightful education experiences to nurture innovative minds through Design Innovation - an amalgamation of design thinking and computational thinking. Based on the principles of creativity, collaboration, agility and drive, Codomo challenges the status quo of education by building revolutionary products and crafting transformative experiences to deliver future-ready education to the masses. In just 3 years, Codomo has trained over 10,000 students in the field of Design Innovation, with their curriculum now being used in multiple schools and training centres across South East Asia. Codomo’s first product, Potato Pirates, has been translated to 27 different languages, and is being distributed worldwide by American publisher Thinkfun. Within a year of its launch, Potato Pirates was awarded the Singapore Good Design Award, Japan Good Design Award and the Core 77 Good Design Award 2018 in the education category. Potato Pirates has also gone on to be featured on renowned publications like USA Today, Mashable and The Wall Street Journal as one of the best tools for learning STEM. Our ultimate vision is to create autonomy in education and innovation in learning, if you like what you have read so far, join our journey!