DLC Annual Retreat

Della Adventure & Resort, Lonavala.
12/04/2024 14/04/2024

Unraveling the legacy of the DLC Annual Retreat 2024, where learning met adventure and connections were forged. Paired with the thrilling odyssey to India’s premier military-themed sanctuary, it was a saga of unparalleled excitement. From glitzy galas to heart-pounding adventures, soul-nourishing sessions to culinary delights, each moment was a brushstroke on the canvas of unforgettable escapades. Let’s journey back to the moments that defined our legacy, fueled our dreams, and kindled our spirits.



Dr. Mickey Mehta

Global Leading Holistic Health Guru/ Life Coach | DR. MICKEY MEHTA’S 360 DEGREE WELLNESS TEMPLE PRIVATE LIMITED | Mumbai | DLC Global Health & Wellness Committee


Dr. Rochelle Suri

Psychotherapist | private practice | DLC Global Committee


Deepak Rao

ESP MAN (Extra Sensory Perception) | Corporate Edu-Trainer | DLC Global Committee


Peter Overy

MD and Co-Founder | Agency (Singapore) | Singapore | DLC Global Innovation & Design Thinking Committee