Dr. Arup Mazumdar

Chief Evangelist Design Thinking | Founding Fuel Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
DLC Global Innovation & Design Thinking Committee



Design Thinking Evangelist Dr. Mazumdar set the stage on why one needs design thinking. What worked yesterday is not really working today. Today’s VUCA world has brought in a need for the Design Thinking Mindset

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Dr. Arup mazumdar explains the mindset, If you don’t know your context you will jump to all the wrong conclusion, If you don’t ask the right question, you will have the wrong answers and if you don’t do it empathetically, you'll be barking up a wrong tree

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Dr. Arup Mazumdar explained in the previous episode that Innovation is a Discipline. There are many frameworks to design thinking, one of them is Double Diamond Design Process. It uses critical thinking and reflective practice to apply design characteristics to reach creative solutions and innovative ideas.

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