Christopher Salem

CEO & Co-Founder | CRS Group Holdings
Leadership & Transformation Committee


About the Workshop


1. Know your Trainer
Christopher Salem introduces himself and connects the audiences with his topic “8 Pillars of Wellness for Extraordinary Leadership”

2. Resolve the Root Cause
Taking it through to recognize their individual root causes, that cause hindrance in personal and professional life.

3. Daily meditation
Through daily meditation techniques, he guides you to your moral inventory to overcome the hindrances to your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being and prosperity

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1. Transformation to Clarity
Taking on an internal journey from ‘Transformation to clarity’ which helps them to connect with the power within. While they move through the external stories, experiences and past influences of their lives, they strive to find clarity and connection with the blueprint of their personality which they were blessed with at the time of birth, giving them clarity of who they are.

2. Embrace change
Throwing the light on how to break free of mindset barriers to experience a higher level of Prosperity, health, and wellness in alignment.

3. Face your demons
Citing his own journey, his own fears, hurdles, and failures, while he guides how coming out of the comfort zone is never easy, but it is the only way to shift your mindset to the next level of success.

4. Reprogram yourself
Sharing step-by-step techniques to get over all your negativities to face your demons. The process helps you to implement new habits, behaviours, and disciplines to reprogram your mindset toward your true self.

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1. Enlightenment towards 8 pillars of wellness
The key to 8 pillars of wellness including- physical, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, financial. occupational, and environmentally aligned with wealth, which is a balanced combination of money, personal freedom, serving your purpose, and spending quality time with family.

2. Goal setting
Bringing an insight on setting and achieving large goals with a specific detailed plan that is time sensitive. He tells how it is important to break our specific long-term goals into smaller attainable ones to prevent procrastination.

3. Being accountable
Throwing the light on the concept of accountability, which helps all these steps operate ineffectively leading to sustainable success, without which the process is of no use.

4. Empower lives
Concludes with food for thought on how to empower self and others. Showcasing through the video case studies how he helped empower lives to explore prosperity at all levels.

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