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Fufluns, named after the Etruscan God of Wine, is a licensed Tour Operator specializing in deluxe, authentic Wine and Gourmet vacations to all destinations within Italy for both corporate and private. All tours are available upon request, for your private group from a minimum of two participants. We work with many international partners of the wine business. These are in-depth, customized programs which are led by our Wine Experts with a specialized wine focus for each group.

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FuflunsMillan, Italy

Exactly like making a good bottle of wine, we craft unique journeys mixing together wine and food programs with classic and undiscovered temptations of Italy. The aim is to bring back the soul in most classic, luxury experiences, adding a layer of memorable authenticity and inventiveness.

1. VIP exclusive TASTINGS for the DLC Members.
2. Access to Limited Edition wines for collectors.
3. Customized visits to wineries.