Rsquare Media ( ) is a Reputation Repair company that helps clients Be Seen or Not Be Seen online, with services that include Deleting Bad Press & Bad Reviews from Google, Facebook, Amazon; helping clients achieve #1 position on Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. to establish and maintain market dominance, market share and achieve Top of Mind awareness levels (TOMAL) among target audiences online. Clients choose us because we're Fun to work with, we get the job done Right and we won't bankrupt you in the process. We're easy to reach during the day, after hours and on most weekends. rsquare media is open to other marketing companies whitelabeling our services for their clients. Reputation Repair covers... 1. roadmap to your desired online profile whilst assigning key success metrics 2. Analysing your content and how it aligns with your brand values and business objectives 3. Analysing and Assessing your Online Visibility Goals in the context of your business objectives 4. Eliminating the Bad across key platforms online 5. Propagating the Good across key platforms online 6. Preventing Future happening/activities from damaging or tarnishing your good name Reputation Repair may include: - Deleting Bad Press from Google - Deleting Bad Reviews from Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. - Deleting Doppelgangers from your google search result, so potential partners don't confuse you with criminals who may have the same name as you - ADA Compliance for your website so you don't get sued for $10-$50K - Fresh Storytelling through animated videos, puppet videos or live action videos